Look, I’m with you. End of the year is awesome! But…it has it’s positives and negatives.

Positives: Ugly Sweater Christmas Parties, Coquito, Bonuses, Workload Lightens up, Time Off. 

Doesn’t that sound nice? But hold on…every positive has to have the polar opposite.

Negatives: Uncle Sam is coming over to visit. I always say Uncle Sam is not my uncle and I don’t want or need him coming over. 

Just when you think the New Year will bring all this positive change you remember, you haven’t reconciled your bank account in 4 months. You didn’t add that new line of credit into your books. You have a bunch of uncategorized expenses that need to be reviewed and coded. Ugh…the headache. You promised that you wouldn’t do that again this year, but here you are, dragging the previous year’s mess into the new year.

First let me give you this year’s IRS Calendar, so you know when Uncle Sam is going to be expecting his paperwork.

Now, let’s talk about how we can avoid this for 2015. The Six Group is very familiar with the above situation. We have actually seen worse, but everything is fixable with a little time. We offer hourly and monthly plans that will keep your books organized so that in January, you are ready to file your forms to the IRS.